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Beautiful smiles from our family to yours!
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If you're looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place. At Dr. Flores Family Dental Office, we will give you the attention and personal service you deserve and expect.
 "All my life I was worried about amalgam fillings in my mouth. Thank you Dr. Flores for your good advice that helped me decide what to do and make my teeth look better!"
                         C. Ceballos
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I like to smile and laugh a lot and I had my front teeth chipped for many years. These veneers that Dr Flores placed look absolutely fabulous! thank you
Dr Flores!
                                              Y. Luna
All our lives we are encouraged to take care of our teeth. The instructions are part of our childhood and stick with us all our lives. Brush and floss twice a day, avoid sweets, see your dentist twice a year. That advice will continue to be very, very true as long as we and our families are on this earth. Its a lot of work, but the results are definitely worth it. Bright white teeth, beautiful smiles, freedom from painful cavities and gum disease and overall vibrant health are the rewards of paying attention to your teeth today.
That is where we can help. Redlands Precious Smiles is a special place. We are a family operated dental practice where you are treated like one of our own. Coming here for dental care is like visiting with your oldest and nicest friends. Just as important, though, you receive top quality care with the most modern equipment combined with expert, up-to-date knowledge and years of experience.
Good dental care is not just about what happens inside the mouth. Untreated problems can allow deadly bacteria to invade the rest of the body and contribute to more serious problems such as heart disease, obesity, ulcers or even cancer. Let us explain some of these issues to you as we work together on your individual case.
Not sure where to begin? We offer a free cosmetic consultation to get you started. Every patient is different. We help you determine your ideal treatment plan, with the goal of enjoying a mouth full of attractive, healthy teeth that will take good care of you for many years to come.
As a full-service dental office we offer a range of procedures from routine to difficult. General and cosmetic dentistry is at the top of our list. Those routine fillings, regular cleanings and checkups are combined with clear instructions to help you maintain your good results. The latest technology in lower denture implants is here, too. Implants help many patients with serious tooth loss to chew normally and permanently. Crowns and bridges of strong porcelain also provide long-term repair to seriously damaged teeth with a color custom match to give you a confident smile.
 Orthodontics with clear aligner therapy to perform minor corrections is also one of our specialties. And if a partial or full denture is called for, we do that, too, with excellent craftsmanship and sensitivity to the concerns of the patient.
As a small family-run office we can know you personally and are proud of our reputation for integrity. All ages are welcome. We love families with children and enjoy watching them grow up and seeing them develop in both health and maturity.
Redlands Precious Smiles is both our name and our mission. We love putting beautiful smiles on our patients' faces but work just as hard to maintain strong, healthy teeth underneath. Our goal is to help all our patients look their best, feel great and enjoy the peak of health inside and out.

We provide treatment in the placement of implants to help in the retention and stability of loose lower dentures. This greatly increases functionality and acceptance in the use of full dentures, especially in cases of extensive bone lose and resorption.