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Here are some examples of our latest work... 
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New and improved composite materials have made it possible to replace old amalgam fillings
This is an all ceramic 5 unit (teeth) bridge. Can you tell where it is?
Porcelain veneers are an excellent choice for incisal edge fractures
Bridgework greatly improves your smile in any circumstances
Bridges in the back area also improves your power in chewing your foods
Our laboratory takes pride in fabricating all your dental crowns and bridges
Before an all ceramic crown was placed
An all ceramic crown placed
Replacing old bridges with metal margins can greatly improve your smile
Clear aligner therapy is an affordable alternative to braces
If you do extreme sports, protect your teeth and bone with a custom made sports guard
Accidents happen
Whitening systems help improve your smile to a natural white color...
...they also help remove internal stains and discolored teeth
They can be applied in office or purchased to take and apply at home
Whitening systems come in many concentrations and presentations to fulfill every patient's needs
Make sure you purchase your whitening system from a licensed dentist
you can have the smile you want. Ask us how!
I have been looking at my tooth get worse and never did anything about it. Got to the point that my cavity got so big I became deeply concerned . I thank Dr. Flores for giving me options and for fixing my tooth!                                     L. Anderson
I left my teeth go so bad I thought it was hopeless and was thinking about getting dentures. Dr. Flores told me I could save my teeth with some general and cosmetic work, and after a few visits I started to feel hopeful and started to look better. Thank you Dr Flores!                    L.Gann
I have been so embarassed to smile for a very long time and did not know what to do but I am so glad I came to see Dr. Flores. Now I can show my smile again!                                         R. Evans
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picture of how the implants look inside the lower denture
side view of an implant inside bone structure under a lower denture
view if mini implant in bone structure
view of mini implants inside a transparent model
view of the mini implants in mandible model and the housings inside the lower denture
I like to smile and laugh a lot and I had my front teeth chipped for many years. These veneers that Dr Flores placed look absolutely fabulous! thank you
 Dr Flores!
                                      Y. Luna